CLIP2VU Documentation

CLIP2VU is an online tool which allows the creation of VOD clips captured from LIVE and VOD content. CLIP2VU can also publish clips to social media accounts. The tool supports frame accurate clipping, custom metadata, scheduled clipping and social media syndication, and more.

CLIP2VU Clipping

How it works

CLIP2VU is powered by VUALTO CONTROL HUB. More information can be found within the Developer Documentation section.

CLIP2VU supports creating VOD clips from both LIVE and VOD content. Clips are generated via the TASK ENGINE. Generated clips can then be syndicated to multiple social media platforms simultaneously. Both clip generation and syndication can be scheduled to happen at a later date if desired.

More information about how each section works is provided in the User Guide.

Explore our User Guide and Developer Documentation to become more familiar with CLIP2VU: