How do I edit my generated clip?

You can edit a clip by pressing “Edit Clip” under the Actions column on the Generated Clips page, found on the Library side of the site.

More information can be found on the Edit Clip page of the docs.

What can I edit?

Currently you are only able to edit the clip’s metadata. Specifically: Title, Description, Tags, and any custom properties if a workflow was selected.

Why doesn’t the thumbnail of my clip match what I set?

If the frame chosen doesn’t fall within the clip times, the first frame of the clip is used. If you think there was an error on our side, email

You can also change the clip’s thumbnail on the Edit Clip page.

Why has my clip been generating for a long time?

A clip taking a long time to generate can occur for multiple reasons. The main causes are:

  • The clip is long
  • Generate MP4 was ticked
  • The server needs more power

If you think your clip has taken too long to generate, email