December 2021


  • CLIP2VU has been rebranded as JW Player Broadcast Live Clipping. The colour scheme has been updated to match JW Player’s branding.
  • A confirmation view is now displayed after clicking Generate Clip, showing you how many clips will be stitched together, what their source, timecodes and durations are, and an overview of the clip metadata.


  • Faster seeking in the Live Clipping player.
  • The behaviour of the clip segments list has been improved to make multi-clip stitching easier to understand and to prevent erroneously having multiple clips when switching sources.
  • The list of YouTube Destination regions is now sorted alphabetically.
  • The player controls are now always visible when the player is paused.
  • The Set Thumbnail button now automatically disables if the player is currently outside of the clip. A tooltip explains that thumbnails can only be set to a frame within the clip boundaries.


  • Chances of buffering and stalling when playing from the live edge in the Live Clipping player has been reduced.
  • Automatic page updates (e.g. the list of generated clips) could sometimes stop working. This is now more reliable.
  • The Live Clipping UI now more accurately reflects the availability of content for live streams with less than 4-hours of content available.
  • Fixed issue where the first couple of seconds are skipped when previewing generated clips (DRM protected clips may still exhibit this issue).
  • Fixed automatic bitrate adaption in the Live Clipping and Clip Preview players for better performance in bandwidth constrained environments.
  • If the Event for a Clipping Channel stops and becomes Instant VOD, selecting the Clipping Channel now loads the stream as a VOD, rather than as if it were still Live.
  • Fixed not being able to edit names of Destinations by clicking on them in the Destinations list.
  • Fixed issue where closing the VOD preview overlay would close the Event Browser popup as well.

Known Issues

  • DRM protected streams and clips cannot be played or clipped in Safari.
  • The first couple of seconds of some DRM-protected clips and VOD streams may be skipped in the player.
  • Clip stitching can sometimes fail, even with matching video/audio tracks.
  • Closed Captions are not captured in clips.

Browser Support

The following browsers are supported in this release. A warning will now be displayed at the top of the application if it is accessed with an unsupported browser. Unsupported browsers may not work at all or exhibit broken behaviour. Only desktop browsers are supported.

  • Chrome 68 (released July 2018) and later
  • Firefox 63 (released October 2018) and later
  • Edge 79 (released January 2020) and later (Note that ‘Legacy’ Edge is not supported)
  • Safari 12 (released September 2018) and later
  • Opera 53 (released May 2018) and later

September 2021


  • DRM protected streams can now be played and clipped in Chrome, Firefox and Edge
  • Generated clips can now have DRM applied automatically
  • Support for chapter-based clipping


  • Added a date filter in the Source Browser


  • Better handling of time zones
  • VODs are now less likely to fail to start playing

Known Issues

  • DRM protected streams cannot be played or clipped in Safari
  • The first couple of seconds of some clips are skipped on playback
  • Clips and VODs may fail to play in Firefox
  • Stitched clips may playback corrupted in Firefox
  • When stitching clips from different sources, setting the thumbnail to a frame in anything other than the first clip may fail to produce a thumbnail for the generated clip

February 2021


  • Live Clipping User Interface
  • Multi-select custom properties


  • Fixed issue where the same publication can appear more than once in the publications list
  • Improved layout of the search and filter fields in Library pages
  • Channels without a thumbnail now show the channel’s name in the channel button instead
  • Performance improvement in the Event Browser
  • Performance improvement for clients with a ‘source’ VIS


  • Fixed default property workflow support for clipping channels

October 2020


  • Republish an existing Publication from the Publication Details page


  • See the detailed status of a Publication from the Publication Details page

September 2020


  • The splash logo on the login page can now be customised upon request to VUALTO
  • A link to the product public documentation has been added to the application header
  • Added a List view option to the Event Browser


  • The login page no longer has ‘’ as a placeholder in the email address field
  • Added a reminder message to the end of results in the Event Browser when filters are currently applied


  • Various fixes for when clipping from Instant VOD sources
  • Instant VOD sources now play in the Preview player
  • Text and data tracks no longer get filtered out when generating clips
  • Selecting Original Language in the Selected Audio Track dropdown (where available) resulted in clips with no audio from some sources
  • Fixed some issues with login security
  • Events in the Event Browser are now sorted by their Scheduled Date by default instead of Created Date
  • Fixed a glitch where newly created Destinations did not immediately appear in the list of Destinations when creating a new Publication
  • Fixed an issue where previewing certain events from the Event Browser resulted in a Not Found error
  • Sources selected from the Event Browser now capture from the origin rather than the CDN, when configured to do so

August 2020

New Features

  • Support for using a different Control Hub instance for source content.
  • Support for showing Live events in the Source Browser.
  • Support for selecting an audio language when creating clips.

Fixes and improvements

This release contains a number of fixes and improvements:

  • Improvement: The Stream Range control for Live sources now inspects the stream’s archive to automatically select a valid range of available content. This is useful when using Live channels which have ceased pushing new content.
  • Improvement: Thumbnails in the clipping bar are now available for VOD sources.
  • Improvement: Added Email and Download buttons to the dialog that appears when viewing a clip’s MP4 URL.
  • Improvement: Password Reset emails now link to the CLIP2VU login page, rather than the VCH Admin.
  • Improvement: In the VCH Admin, users can now be sent verification and password reset emails which link directly to the login page in CLIP2VU, rather than the VCH Admin.
  • Improvement: The Source Browser automatically opens if there are no clipping channels.
  • Fix: Metadata form did not reset properly after generating a clip or clicking Reset.
  • Fix: Timecodes for streams which are timestamped but have no framerate information only had precision to the nearest second.
  • Fix: Clip generation sometimes failed due to incorrectly treating timestamped time ranges as relative offset time ranges.
  • Fix: Sources with very long titles would overflow in the clipping segments table.
  • Fix: Creating and editing a Scheduled Clip may error if the user does not have certain Control Hub permissions
  • Fix: Unverified accounts are now not allowed to login by default
  • Fix: More robust login checking and error messages

March 2020

  • VOD Clipping and Clip-from-a-Clip VOD assets which are uploaded from Vualto Control Hub and previously generated clips can now be selected in CLIP2VU and clipped from, much in the same way that Live channels can.

    A VOD Browser button has been added to the top of the channel list, allowing you to search for and select existing Clips and VOD uploads. When a asset is selected, it is loaded into the current clipping project.

  • Multi-Source Stitching Combine any number of segments from different live channels, existing clips, and VOD assets into a single clip.

    Simply select a different source while making a clip and a new segment will be added with that source that you can clip from.

    Possible use cases include promotional bumpers, endslates, and simple video editing.

  • Make GIFs and JPEGs from Clips Make any number of animated GIF or JPEG images from your clips.

    In the Edit Clip page, the player now has a clipping interface which lets you:

    • Make a JPEG from the currently displayed frame.
    • Make a GIF from the time range selected in the player.

    Once generated, JPEGs and GIFs can be previewed and saved from your browser to your computer.

  • Fixes and improvements This release contains a number of fixes and improvements:

    • The tables in Library now have more reliable and consistent pagination
    • The player now remembers your volume setting
    • When adding a Scheduled Publication, the date field now respects different timezones
    • Various other bug fixes and refinements

January 2020

  • Scheduled Clipping

    Set up automatic captures of channels using start and end times.

    Times can be in the past within the channel’s archive window, or any time in the future. Captured clips can then be published to social media like any other clip.

  • Scheduled Publications

    Clip publications can now be created with a date and time to publish on. Set up your publication, then they will be automatically published to and appear on social media on the specified date and time.

  • New Clipping Player

    We have rewritten the clipping video player from the ground up with new controls which sit outside the video window.

  • New Clipping Controls

    The live clipping player now has step control buttons. You can easily go forwards and backwards by frame, second, or multiples of seconds to get the exact clip you want.

    Added buttons to set the clip In and Out points to the current player position. So what you currently see will be the first or last frame of the clip.

    Added keyboard controls to go forward and backwards in frames and seconds. You can also press I and O to set the clip In and Out points to the current video position.

  • Custom Clip Thumbnails

    You can download and upload custom thumbnails to clips after they have been generated.

  • New Channel Admin interface in Vualto Control Hub

    You can now easily set up and reorder Clipping Channels from your existing Live Events in the Vualto Control Hub CMS.

    Custom channel titles.

    Supports use of a specific Playout Profile for a Clipping Channel.