The Destinations page is used to Add, Activate, and Remove Destinations on the system.

A Destination is a social media account which has been linked with CLIP2VU to allow the publishing of clips.

This page is split into two sides:


Add/Edit Destination

On the left side of the page is the section which allows you to Add new Destinations, or edit existing ones.

Currently, the supported platforms (Targets) are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

When choosing a Target, if required, more fields will appear to be filled in. For example, YouTube requires a Region field.

Clicking on a created Destination on the right hand side will change this section to Edit that Destination.

Edit Destination

Current Destinations

The right hand side of the page displays a table with all the current Destinations on the system.

The Active? column shows you if the Destination has been activated. When you first add a Destination, it will need to be activated. This is explained further in the next section.

The Actions column has two buttons. The orange cog is used to activate a Destination (you can also click the icon under the Active? column), the red X allows you to remove the Destination.

When a Destination is removed, any Publication made on that Destination will be removed from CLIP2VU. It will not remove the content from the Destination itself however.

Activating a Destination

As explained in the previous section, to activate a Destination, you can either click the orange cog icon under Actions, or press the icon under Active?.

Pressing this will take you to the Activate page for that Destination. The steps will be different depending on the Target type. It will either require you click a link to activate, or go to a specific page on that platform and enter a code.

Activate Destination

Global Destinations

In CLIP2VU, there is a concept of Global Destinations. These are identified by the Globe icon displayed next to the Name under Current Destinations.

Global Destination

Any Destination created within CLIP2VU is only available to the user that created the Destination.

Global Destinations are Destinations which can be accessed by any user in CLIP2VU. They cannot be created, edited, or deleted within CLIP2VU. They are created by adding a new Destination through the VCH Admin site.

You can find out more about Destinations in their section of the VCH docs.