Edit Clip

This page allows you to view and edit the metadata of a clip, view the clip itself, and create GIFs & JPEGs from it.

This page is accessed by either clicking on the clip row under Generated Clips and Scheduled Clips, or by clicking More details when Publishing a clip.

Edit Clip

This page contains all the same metadata displayed when creating the clip, but also contains the clip’s thumbnail.

The thumbnail can be replaced by pressing the Upload... button, and viewed by pressing the thumbnail itself.


Under the preview player for the clip is a section which allows you to create GIFs and JPEGs from the clip. The same clipping controls seen in the Clipping section can be seen under the player. These controls are used to set the start and end times for the GIF. For JPEGs, the current frame displayed in the player is used.

When you press the GIF or JPEG buttons, a popup will display showing you information about the asset you are creating. You can set a name, but a default is provided.

Once the asset has been created, you can view it by clicking either the Eye icon, or by pressing the thumbnail for that asset. To save the asset, when previewing, right click it and select Save image as...

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