Generated Clips

Library Generated Clips

This is the first page you are taken to when you press LIBRARY. This is an expanded version of the list of generated clips seen on the Live Clipping page. This page will update when clips on the list have their states updated, much like the Clipping side.

You can search for clips in the same way you can on the Clipping side by using keywords and/or a date range. Keyword search will search through titles, tags, and custom properties. The search field can be seen above the list of generated clips.

Clip Status

The Status column shows you the current status of the clips, the statuses are:

  • Processing
  • Failed
  • Ready to Generate MP4
  • Ready to Publish

To see more information about the status on the site, hover over it with your cursor:

Generated Clips Status Info

Clipping Actions

The actions available under the Actions column will change depending on the status of the clip. The current list of actions are:

  • Publish
  • Download/Generate MP4
  • View Publications
  • Delete Clip

Publish will take you to the page where you can publish that clip to a social media platform of your choice. For more information, visit the Publishing A Clip page.

Download/Generate MP4 will let you generate the MP4 for your created clip, which is a requirement to publish to social media. Once done, this action button will then become a Download MP4 button, which also lets users download the clip to their devices. A refresh of the browser page is not required for the generation and status of the clip to update.

Edit Clip will take you to a page to edit the metadata for that clip. This includes any custom metadata, if a property workflow was selected. For more information, visit the Edit Clip page.

View Publications will load the Publications view with a filter set to only display social media publications made from that specific clip. For more information, visit the Publications page.

Delete Clip is used to remove the clip from the system.