This page displays a table containing all the Publications made on the platform by the current user.

A Publication represents a piece of content at a given Destination. For example, A Clip which has been published to YouTube. A Clip being published to two Destinations will create two separate Publications.


Each row of the table contains information about each publication. Clicking on a row will take you to a page which allows you to view the Metadata for the publication, as well as view and copy the embed code from the destination, if supported.

Publication Info


When viewing the list of Publications, the status of each Publication is visible. These statuses are:

  • Processing - The Publication is processing and will be updated when it has finished, or if an error occurs.
  • Published - The Publication was processed successfully. A link to the clip at the chosen Destination should be visible under the Target column.
  • Media Error - There was an issue with the content provided. Usually this is caused by incompatibility with the chosen Destination, for example, the clip being too long for Twitter to accept.
  • Publication Error - There was an issue with the metadata for the Destination. This is usually caused by an expected response from the Destination. This error shouldn’t normally occur.
  • Destination Error - There was an issue communicating with the chosen Destination. This is usually caused by the Destination being inactive. More information is given in the Destination section.
  • Unavailable - The Publication processed successfully, but it doesn’t appear to be available on the Destination. This is usually caused by it being deleted on that Destination manually.

To see more information about the status, hover over it with your cursor:

Publication Status Info

For further troubleshooting suggestions, see the Syndication FAQs


The Target column displays which Destination the clip was published to. If Publishing was successful, this section will also display a link to view the publication on that site directly.

Filtering by Clip

As mentioned in the Generated Clips page, one Action on that page allows you to view all Publications for a specific clip. Pressing that Action will redirect you to the Publications page, with a filter applied to only display Publications from that clip.

Publications for Clip

Pressing the Back To All Publications button will return you to the Publications page with no filter applied.