Publishing A Clip

To Publish a clip, your clip must have an MP4 generated. This is enabled either when creating the clip, or can be generated later, on the Generated Clips page.

Once you press the Publish button on the Generated Clips page, you will be taken to the Add Publications page.

Add Publications

This page is split into three sections:

Add Publications

On the left side of the page is the Add Publications section. This is where you select the Target you’d like to publish your clip to. The Target dropdown will list any Activated Destinations.

Once a target has been selected, the form will update to display relevant metadata for that destination. E.g. A Twitter Destination will load a textbox for the Tweet. A YouTube destination will load options such as: Privacy Status, Allow Embed, and more.

Every Target will display a Schedule? checkbox in this form. Checking this will load two fields, for publish date and time. This allows you to choose when you would like your clip to be published to the selected target. Not checking this option will publish it immediately once submitted.

When the required metadata has been filled in, the Prepare Publication button at the bottom of the form will become enabled. Pressing this will move the clip to the Prepared Publications section.

YouTube Metadata

Clip Details

This section is displayed on the top right of the page. It simply shows you which clip is being published by displaying the: Title, Description, Thumbnail, and when the clip was created. On the top right of this section is a More details... link; clicking this will redirect you to the Edit Clip page for that clip.

Prepared Publications

When a clip has been prepared, it will appear in the table here. This section is used as a way of being able to prepare multiple publications at the same time, for example, publishing to YouTube and Twitter. Once all of the desired publications have been prepared, press the Submit Publications button; this will redirect you to the Publications page. The publications will update automatically once they have finished being processed.

Prepared Publications