Scheduled Clips

The Scheduled Clips section allows you to create a clip from a time range in the future.

When navigating to the Scheduled Clips section, you are first taken to a page which displays a table with all the scheduled clips. This also contains any clips which were initially scheduled, and have since been generated. The Actions column contains the same actions as seen on the Generated Clips page.

Scheduled Clips

Creating A Scheduled Clip

To create a new scheduled clip, press the New button at the top of the page. This will take you to the Add Scheduled Clip page.

Add Scheduled Clip

This page works similarly to how you create a clip from the Clipping page; albeit without a player. On the left side you select the Channel you want to clip from, the start and end times of your clip, and if you want the MP4 to be generated at the same time. On the right side you enter the Metadata for your clip. Title is the only required value, unless a custom workflow with required fields is selected.

More information on Metadata is given on the Clipping page.

Once all the data has been entered. Press Save. This will submit the clip and redirect you back to the Scheduled Clips page. Once the End time of the clip has been reached, the clip will automatically begin to generate.