How do I publish my clip to social media?

You can publish your clip to any configured Destination by pressing “Publish” under the Actions column when viewing the Generated Clips page.

More information can be found on the Publishing A Clip page of the docs.

Why isn’t a Destination available to Publish to?

Destinations must be active to create Publications against. If a Destination isn’t showing, then it likely isn’t active.

To learn how to activate a Destination, see Destinations

I have created my publication but it is not showing in my social media account

Firstly, check within the publications page to verify that your clip is showing as Published to your destination, and is not showing an error status.

If there is an error next to the publication, check the My Publication failed section.

You may have created a publication that is scheduled in the future and this is why it is not present for the current date within your account.

Certain types of Destinations allow you to set a publication as Private or Unlisted. Login to the destination platform and check that the publication is not in a state where other users would not be able to see it.

If the publication status is Published and you cannot find it on the social media platform, try publishing the clip again.

If after completing all the steps above and retrying the publication you are still having issues, contact your support representative.

Why is my publication still processing?

Publication processing takes a variable amount of time, depending on the size of the file, number of ongoing publications by all users, and the target platform itself.

A good place to start is to check the account of the Destination being published to and see if the platform is processing your upload. If it is, this is the final stage and will be completed shortly. If the social media platform does not show the publication yet, then it is earlier in the process and is likely a larger file.

If the publication has not yet appeared as processing on the target platform, and has been processing in CLIP2VU for a unusually long time, then the process may have become stuck and you should contact your support representative.

My Publication failed, what does the error mean?

There are a number of reasons why a Publication might fail.

For a list of potential Publication errors and what they mean, see Status section of the Publications page.

Below are some general troubleshooting steps to attempt when a Publication error occurrs. If you are still having issues, contact your support representative.

Destination Error

A problem has occurred with the authentication to the target platform.

Check if the Destination is still activated, and if it is not, re-activate the Destination and try again.

Media Error

A problem has occurred with downloading or uploading the video file itself.

Check the clip is as expected and fits within the requirements of the target social media platform which are displayed when creating a Publication.

Publication Error

A problem has occurred with querying the publication from the target platform.

Check if the Publication has been removed from the target platform externally. If so, you should remove the Publication from CLIP2VU.