Add Stream

Add Compose Stream Page

This page allows you to create a Compose Event using one of the configured Compose Workflows. A Compose Event is one which is made up of multiple assets - typically other Events - and is streamed out in sequence.

Compose Events can be created by multiple approaches, available via the Compose Type dropdown. In general you can use a Workflow or using a supported Channel (also know as the “Encoder” approach). A Workflow typically offers the ability to Compose as either a VOD stream or a Live stream, whereas the Channel will only offer a Live stream approach.

If you do not see one of these options then either you have no valid workflows available for that type, or it is not enabled for your system.

Compose Stream Properties

Depending on what sort of Workflow you are using, you will be presented with different properties to set on the Event. In general, if creating a live stream, the form will appear the same as when creating a Live Event, just with an additional section where you can specify the playlist. Likewise, if creating a VOD stream, it will appear as though you are creating a standard VOD Event.

Compose Playlist

Compose Playlist

A Compose Playlist can consist of 1 or more items in order to be valid. To add items, simply drag them from the “Available” section to the “Playlist” section.

The “Available” section displays Events both applicable to your Compose Type and the filter options (those shown on the left of the “Available” panel). Different filter options are available depending on system configuration, and whether or not any exist in that VCH instance. For example, if there are no Rooms configured, then there is no Room filter.

If supported by the Compose Type, you will see an additional button labelled “+ Custom URL”, which allows you to specify custom MP4 URLs in the playlist, in addition to Events.

Create Stream

If you have provided all the required fields, you can then create the Event by clicking “Create Stream”. If you are using an Encoder for Compose, the workflow will resemble the normal live Event workflow. If you are using a Workflow, then the stream will first need to generate before becoming available (this will happen in the background). If configured correctly you will be presented with the opportunity to manage it further or create a new stream.

Compose Playlist Summary