Clipping Channels

Clipping Channel Page

The Clipping Channels page is where you can view, add, edit, and delete Clipping Channels.

A Clipping Channel is an Event to use as a live source in CLIP2VU. The Playout Profile can also be selected. The thumbnail for the Clipping Channel comes from the selected Event. This page is split into two sections:

Add/Edit Clipping Channel

On the left of the page is the section for adding new, or editing existing, Clipping Channels.

A Clipping Channel contains:

  • Title
  • Event
  • Playout Profile
  • Enabled

Title is used to label the Clipping Channel. This is displayed when hovering over the Channel in CLIP2VU.

Event is a drop down which allows you to select which LIVE Event to use for the channel.

Playout Profile allows you to select a Playout Profile to use. This displays any Profile enabled on the selected Event.

Enabled defines whether or not to display the Clipping Channel in CLIP2VU. This can be used to quickly remove a Channel from CLIP2VU without needing to recreate it later.

Once Save is pressed, if the Channel passes validation, it is added to the list of Current Clipping Channels.

Current Clipping Channels

This section displays a list of all the Clipping Channels in the system. They are displayed in the same order as they appear in CLIP2VU.

In the Actions column, there are some arrow buttons; these are used to reorder the channels. Once the new order has been set, pressing Save under this list will save the new order. Pressing the red X button under Actions will remove the Channel immediately.

As Clipping Channels only allow Live Events, when the Event being used is no longer available (or no longer Live), the Clipping Channel is automatically removed.

While only Live Events are supported, if an Event used for a Clipping Channel is reset back to PRE_LIVE, the channel will remain available, albeit without any content to play. A warning will be displayed on that Channel within this section to inform the user of the issue. This warning will be removed when the Event becomes Live again.

Prelive Warning

The Event will remain in the Event list when editing that Clipping Channel to allow for changes to be made without needing to change the selected Event, such as disabling the Channel.