Compose Workflows

Compose Workflow Page

This page allows you to create and manage the Compose Workflows available in the system.

A Workflow requires a Name and a valid Configuration Json, which can be provided in the Add/Edit form. When you first load the page, as no Current Workflow has been previously selected, you will be adding a new Workflow. If you wish to view or edit a configuration, click the row under the Current Workflows section. When viewing or editing a configuration, if you wish to return to adding a new one, click “Cancel Editing” displayed at the bottom of the form.

The Configuration JSON will contain information about the complete Workflow, for example, the type of streaming server, the type of workflow component, and streaming URLs.

Compose Workflow Config JSON


"Remix" is the previously term for "Compose", and support for this JSON is retained for backwards compatibility.

If you wish to remove a Workflow, you can do so by clicking the red X button in the list of Current Workflows.