Destinations Page

The Destinations page allows you to set up social media Destinations, which are used to Publish videos to social media platforms.

A Destination is comprised of:

  • Name - The name of the Destination
  • Target - Which type of social media account is tied to the Destination (e.g. YouTube)
  • Active? - Has the Destination been activated?
  • Properties - Custom properties for the Destination (e.g. which user created it)

This page is split into two sections:

Add/Edit Destination

This section allows you to add new, or edit existing, Destinations. A Name and Target is required.

Currently the supported Targets are:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter

You can also set a Custom Target. This is used as a way of categorising manual live publications. In order for you to create manual publications, your system must have 1 Custom Destination.

When you select the Target type, more fields may load which are required for that type of Target. For example, YouTube requires a Region is provided, if you want to publish VOD clips.

Once the required fields have been filled in, pressing Save at the bottom will add that Destination to the list of Current Destinations.

Clicking on a created Destination on the right hand side will change this section to Edit that Destination.

Current Destinations

The right hand side of the page displays a table with all the current Destinations on the system.

The Active? column shows you if the Destination has been activated. When you first add a Destination, it will need to be activated. This is explained further in the next section.

The Actions column has three buttons. The orange cog is used to activate a Destination (you can also click the icon under the Active? column). The red X allows you to remove the Destination. The blue table icon will redirect you to the Destination Property page.

When a Destination is removed, any Publication made on that Destination will be removed from the system. It will not remove the content from the Destination itself however.

Activating a Destination

As explained in the previous section, to activate a Destination, you can either click the orange cog icon under Actions, or press the icon under Active?.

Pressing this will take you to the Activate page for that Destination. The steps will be different depending on the Target type. It will either require you click a link to activate, or go to a specific page on that platform and enter a code.

Activating a Destination

Destination Properties

As mentioned above, pressing the blue table icon under Actions will redirect you to the Destination Properties page for that Destination. This page allows you to add Custom Properties to a Destination.

One example usage is when a Destination is added via CLIP2VU, the Destination is given a clippinguser property which is used to identify who can use the Destination.

Destination Property Page