Remix Workflows

Remix Workflow Page

The Remix Workflows page is where you can view, create, edit, and delete Remix Workflows.

The page is split into two sides:

Add/Edit Remix Flows

This section is displayed on the left side of the page.

By default, this is used to add new Remix Workflows. If you click on an existing Remix Workflow in the Current Remix Workflow section, this will update to edit that Remix Workflow. If you are editing an existing Remix Workflow, there will be an orange “Cancel Editing” button displayed next to the save button.

The Configuration JSON contains information about the Remix Workflow, for example, the type of streaming server (USP), and the access keys required to access that server.

Remix Workflow Config JSON

Current Remix Workflows

This section is displayed on the right side of the page.

In this section you will see a list of all the current Remix Workflows on the system. From this list you can see:

  • Name
  • Actions

In the Actions column, you will see a red X button to delete the Remix Workflow.