Chapter Points

Chapter Points Page

This page allows you to describe portions of the Event as individual “chapters” and “sub-chapters”, both of which are represented as ChapterPoints. A ChapterPoint is defined as having:

  • Title.
  • Reference ID - A value that can be used to reference this chapter by (typically used as part in client integrations).
  • Start date - The starting date of the chapter.
  • Start time - The starting time of the chapter.
  • End date - The ending date of the chapter. This value must be set later than the start date.
  • End time - The ending time of the chapter. This value must be set later than the start time.
  • Tag - One or more tags to describe the Chapter. Multiple tags can be used by using a comma. Tags can be removed by hitting the x button next to them. It is recommended to use a single tag for performance reasons.

To create the Chapter Point click the save button at the bottom of the form.

Viewing Chapter Points

Vizualize Chapter Points

The current Chapter Points for the Event are displayed under the “visualize chapters” section. By default the form creates new Chapters under the root of the Event (i.e. with no parent chapter), but these can be created as a children of another Chapter Point - this is how you create sub-chapters. For Events with a complex Chapter Point structure, collapsing and expanding various chapters is helpful in navigation, and you can collapse or expand all items using the relevant buttons at the top of this section.


For each chapter there are 4 available actions.

  • Edit Chapter Point - By clicking the Chapter Point row itself you can edit the item int the Add/Edit form.
  • Add Child - By clicking the plus icon the Add/Edit form will be set to add the new Chapter Point as a child or sub-chapter of the chosen item.
  • Custom Properties - By clicking the list icon you can manage the Custom Properties belonging to a Chapter Point.
  • Delete - By clicking the x button you can remove the Chapter Point, all children, and associated Custom Properties from the Event.

Chapter Point Custom Properties

Chapter Custom Properties

The Chapter Point Custom Properties page allows you to store additional information about a Chapter Point which does not have a suitable location on the Chapter Point itself.

Similar to other areas of the system, Custom Properties consist of:

  • Category - A grouping for the properties.
  • Key - A unique identifier for this property. 2 properties in the same category can not share a key.
  • Value - An optional value to be stored with the property.

The Custom Properties associated with the current Chapter Point are visible under the “Chapter Point Custom Properties” section on the right.

Existing properties can be searched for by category, key or value using the search bar at the top of the table.

A property can be edited by clicking the row itself, which loads the data into the form on the left.

A property can be removed by clicking the red ‘x’.