Update Compose Page

This page allows you to update the Compose playlist for the Event. The Compose properties will differ depending on if the Event is using a Channel or a Workflow to process the Compose actions. You can not switch between these modes.

Channel Compose Properties

Compose Channel Properties

Workflow Compose Properties

Compose Workflow Properties

Updating the Playlist

As when creating a Playlist, it must consist of 1 or more items in order to be valid. To add items, simply drag them from the “Available” section to the “Playlist” section.

The “Available” section displays Events both applicable to your Compose Type and the filter options (those shown on the left of the “Available” panel). Different filter options are available depending on system configuration, and whether or not any exist in that VCH instance. For example, if there are no Rooms configured, then there is no Room filter.

If supported by the Compose Type, you will see an additional button labelled “+ Custom URL”, which allows you to specify custom MP4 URLs in the playlist, in addition to Events.


Updates to an Event using a Workflow for Compose requires the content to be regenerated before further changes can be applied.