Manage All

Manage All

This page allows you to view all of the Custom Properties for an Event, as well as add, update, and remove them.

Add/Edit Custom Property

By default, this form is used to add new Custom Properties, but it can also be used to edit existing Custom Properties. A Custom Property consists of:

  • Category - A grouping for the properties.
  • Key - A unique identifier for this property. 2 properties in the same category can not share a key.
  • Value - An optional value to be stored with the property.

Once the fields have been filled in click the Save button to add the Custom Property to the Event.

When editing a property, there is also a Cancel Editing button displayed if you wish to discard changes.

Custom Properties

In this section of the page you will see a list of all the current Custom Properties on the Event along with their Category, Key and Value. Selecting one of the row items will allow you to edit the Custom Property.

In the Actions column, you will see A red X button to delete the Custom Property.


Any properties that belong to a Property Workflow are also displayed here.