This page allows you to publish a VOD Event’s content to configured Destinations. To do this, the Event must have a generated MP4 available. If no MP4 has been generated a Generate MP4 button can be found within the page. The “Generate MP4” button will be replaced with a “New Publication” button if an MP4 is present. The initial page displays all the existing VOD Publications for that Event.

Adding Publications

Add Publications

When clicking the “Add VOD Publications” button, you are taken to a new page where you can create one or more VOD Publications.

In order to show the relevant fields, you must first select a Destination. The supported fields for that Destination’s Target (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) will then be displayed and can be populated as required. Shown below is an example of the YouTube fields:

YouTube Publication

Once these fields have been populated, clicking “Prepare Publication” add those details to the “Prepared Publications” section. Prepared Publications are not saved yet, so you must click Submit Publications before leaving the page unless you wish to lose your changes. Prepared Publications can be edited by clicking the row item, and removed by using the X button in the actions column.

Prepared Publications


You can prepare and submit multiple Publications at once, which allows the system to save resources and share the publishing process of the MP4 between Publications.

Existing Publications

Once you have submitted Publications, you will be returned to the previous page where you can view the Existing Publications. The new Publications should be shown as “Processing” until it is finished where it will update to “Published”.

Processing Publication Published Publication

Publications can be deleted by clicking the red X button under the Actions column.


Publications on the Destination can be edited or removed separately. You still have full control over the content on the target platform.