Stream URL Settings

Stream URL Settings

This page allows you to update a live Event’s stream settings, which can dynamically control the available content. There are two settings available on this page:

Live DVR Length

This allows you to set the available DVR window on the fly. Typically, the live stream will be configured with a longer default setting such as 3 hours. You may wish to restrict this to a shorter window by providing a value here in seconds. If this value is set to 30 seconds or less, this is treated as having no DVR and the users will be persisted at the live edge.


This setting is made up of two controls, the first is the radio buttons; Lower Limit and Higher Limit, and the second is the specified Bitrate in bps. You can use this much like limiting the DVR length to limit the available bitrates to a specified minimum or maximum (hence the radio options).

For example: setting the Bitrate to 800000 and selecting Higher Limit would filter out any bitrate tracks which are a higher bitrate than 800Kbps. Setting the limit to Lower Limit would filter out any lower than that.