This page allows you to configure the complete JSON payload for ingesting content from the configured storage location. This uses the Event’s VOD Workflow. This approach is complicated and requires knowledge of the VOD Workflow’s integration, typically this will be using the Task Engine, and the JSON payload here will be the parameters for a VodStream request.

Therefore, this page is appropriate for advanced users only and other users should consider either uploading files or providing a stream URL via the other pages.

The default JSON structure will resemble:

  "parameters": {
    "content_id": "{eventId}",
    "source_folder": "{eventId}",
    "encrypted": false,
    "output_folder": "{eventId}",
    "drm": [
  "client": null,
  "job": {
    "workflow": "vodstream"

The value {eventId} will be the GUID of the Event you are viewing, and unless you have uploaded content to a specific location or desire a specific output location, this can be left as is.


The value client can be populated if known, but otherwise will be populated by the VCH configuration.