Webhook Page

This page allows you to manage the Event-specific Webhooks for the Event. Webhooks themselves allow other applications and services to receive notifications about when there are changes to an Event.

Adding Webhooks

A Webhook consists of:

  • Webhook URL - The URL associated with the Webhook. This endpoint should support a POST request with the specified parameters.
  • Use HTTP Basic Authentication - Whether or not to use the given username & password as a Basic authentication when making the requests.
  • Username - the username for Basic authentication.
  • Password - the password for Basic authentication.
  • Use JSON Body - whether or not to send the POST parameters as a JSON body or URL encoded values.
  • Additional Properties JSON - allows you to specify additional properties, currently only supports additional headers.

Current Webhooks

Existing Webhooks will be shown under “Current Webhooks” and are displayed by their URL. You can search the table data using the search bar at the top, and edit any existing Webhooks by clicking the row item. Webhooks can be deleted from the Event by clicking the red “x” button in the Actions column.

Post Parameters

The parameters sent by the POST request are:

EventId: {guid} - the Id of the Event
ReferenceId: {string} - the reference Id of the Event
ExternalId: {string} - the external Id of the Event
State: {EventState} - the EventState enumeration for the Event 
StateChanged: {bool} - has the state changed?
MetadataChanged: {bool} - has the metadata changed?
ThumbnailChanged: {bool} - has the thumbnail changed?
IsForced: {bool} - was this a forced/manual update?
AudioChanged: {bool} - has the audio inputs changed?
Mp4State: {Mp4State} - the Mp4State enumeration for the Event
Mp4StateChanged: {bool} - has the Mp4State changed?
ChapterPointsChanged: {bool} - have the ChapterPoints changed for the Event?
AssetsChanged: {bool} - have the associated Assets changed for the Event?
Action: {string} - description of the action "Added", "Updated", "Deleted", or "Restored".