Rooms Page

The Rooms feature can be found on the left hand panel and allows users to view, create, edit, and delete Rooms to help with filtering events.

These Rooms can be assigned when creating Live and VoD events.

If you wish to read more on creating live/VoD events please refer to the Events Section of this documentation.

The page is split into two sides:

Add/Edit Room

This section is displayed on the left side of the page.

By default, this is used to add new Rooms. If you click on an existing Room in the Current Rooms section, this will update to edit that Room. If you are editing an existing Room, there will be an orange “Cancel Editing” button displayed next to the save button.

Current Rooms

This section is displayed on the right side of the page.

In this section you will see a list of all the current Rooms on the system. From this list you can see:

  • Name
  • Reference Id
  • Actions

In the Actions column, you will see A Red X button to delete the Room.