General Logs

The Logs section is where users can view General, Audit, Event, and User Management logs on the system. Event logs may be accessed by going into the edit page of a desired event, if you wish to read more on events please refer to the Events section of this documentation.

General, Audit, and User Management logs may be accessed via the left hand control panel.

General Log Page

This page displays a list of every general log currently on the system, from this list you can see the logs:

  • Actions - Allows the user to view additional details about a specific log entry by clicking the eye icon.
  • Date - The date of when the log was generated.
  • Level - The type of log entry each individual log is e.g. Info.
  • Machine Name - The Machine the log was generated from.
  • Message - Brief overview of the log generated.

There is also a filtering section above these details that allow the user to filter through dates and also the levels of logs.

There are 5 log levels, these are:

  • INFO
  • WARN

General Log Entries

General Log Page

This page is accessed by pressing the Eye icon underneath Actions for a log, it contains additional information regarding that specific log.