Task Engine Status

Task Engine Status

This page allows you to view and perform tasks on jobs currently running in the Task Engine. The sections displayed on this page will update automatically, as long as the updating checkbox on the right is selected.

At the top right of the page will be a drop down Task Engine Info. Clicking this will expand to show important information about the Task Engine, such as:

  • Workflow used
  • Max concurrent jobs
  • Version number

When a job is running or queued, it will appear on this page under the relevant section. Each job is displayed as a card containing information about the job; each card also contains some links and buttons to perform actions against that job.

Task Engine Job

At the top of the card is the type of job being performed, for example, VOD CAPTURE. Next to that title is a blue i icon. Pressing that icon will load the documentation explaining the different job types. The number next to that icon is the Job Id.


Task Engine Log

Clicking the Logs link on a job will redirect to a separate page which displays the logs from the Task Engine for that specific job.

On the left side is a filter to adjust which logs are displayed.

At the top of the page is a dropdown to display the job JSON, which contains the parameters of the job, such as: source url, clip length, drm, and more.

Like the previous page, there is also a link to clone the job. Clicking this will open the clone job page.


Task Engine Clone

The clone page is used to create a new job with the same parameters as the job being cloned. The JSON payload is displayed and supports editing, allowing any changes to be made before cloning.