Add User

Add User

This page allows you to add a new user to the system. From here you define their:

  • Email Address
  • Password - (Optional), if not provided, the user will be asked to set one when verifying their account.
  • Password Expiration - (Optional), determines when the user’s password expires.
  • API Key - can be automatically generated using the blue button. Used during authorisation.
  • Max Requests per Second - used to limit how often the user can make a request to the system.
  • Roles - List of all the roles in the system, a user can be a part of as many roles as required.
  • Default Login - Used to determine which site the user is taken to for certain requests.

Default Login will set if the user is sent to VCH or CLIP2VU when performing specific actions, such as resetting their password. This is useful if the user only has access to one of those systems.

Once saved, a email will be sent to that address where the user can verify their account.