The purpose of this guide is to explain the usage and functionality of VUALTO Control Hub (VCH) along with a step by step guide for the user to help them navigate through the platform. This guide contains multiple sections, ranging from UI to API docs. Use the links below to navigate.

The VCH brings to life all elements of the user’s video delivery workflow. The VCH is a sophisticated video orchestration platform which also powers VUALTO’s VUDRM and CLIP2VU products; giving users full control of their content delivery.

The VCH contains a wide variety of features that will be covered further in this documentation. Some of the core features are:

  • Controlling Live streaming
  • Monitoring Streaming and Workflow Events
  • Managing Multiple Encoding Activities
  • Managing Video on Demand and LIVE2VOD
  • Managing CLIP2VU’s available streams
  • Configuring and Managing multiple CDN Providers
  • Language/Audio track support
  • User and role based management